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The delicious beginnings of Cerise Alpha began when its founder, Patricia Lim, had her first chocolate making lesson with Chef Jesse Chiam. He made everything feel and look so simple. Through hard work and endless hours of seeking advice, Chef Chiam helped Patricia form her foundation to create a brand that will bring Fine Chocolates to the masses.

What separates Cerise Alpha from the rest? Almost all of our chocolates are hand-crafted to perfection upon your request. We surely would not want to leave out a personal touch. A dash of European flavour brings our home-made chocolates to life. All the way from Belgium, we use only the best, that is Callebaut chocolates.

We at Cerise Alpha only want to bring you the best in Fine Chocolates. Have a chat with us and we will let you taste the best and finest.


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Big or small, we cater to your events full of chocolates. We strive to give Full satisfaction to you, our valued clients.